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Click here to download Gems 3D v4.00 for Windows
File Name:  Gems3D.msi
File Size:  28.5 MB
File Date:  November 2, 2009
Language:  English, German, Russian
Click here to download Gems 3D v3.00 for Macintosh
File Name:  Gems3D.pkg
File Size:  11.6 MB
File Date:  November 16, 2008
Language:  English, German, Russian

Important Download Instructions

1. Click "Save this program to disk" to copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time.

2. Download and run the Gems3D installation package.

3. Follow the installation instructions.

Gems 3D System Requirements
Windows:  95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
 Mac OS X 10.5
DirectX:  Not required
CPU:  2 GHz or faster
Video:  Any graphics card
Sound:  Any sound card

NEW! Gems 3D for iPhone, iPod Touch

Download from Apple iTunes App Store

File Size:  7.1 MB
Language:  English, German, Russian
Gems 3D Puzzle Game CD-ROM - Wonderful Gift!
Gems 3D CD-ROMGems 3D Puzzle Game makes a wonderful Christmas gift. Your souse or child will love it!
Gems 3D CD-ROM  $29 $20 !!  Buy UltraMax "Resurrecion" Audio CD
Gems 3D Registration
New user registration: $20 Register online

Upgrade user registration: $10 Register online

NOTE: If you have registered any version of Gems 3D previously or purchased Gems 3D CD-ROM you are eligible for an upgrade registration.

Gems 3D Trial Information
Gems 3D Puzzle Game is distributed under shareware license and requires registration upon the trial period expiration.

The trial period for unregistered game is 7 days. The game is fully functional during the trial period and shows brief startup ads for UltraMax Music and Veronica's Art.

Copyright (C) Max I. Fomitchev-Zamilov